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Slips, Trips and Falls – Perform Inspections and Audits and use Analytics to drive transparency and accountability in prevention.


According to the National Safety Council, slips, trips and falls are the second leading occupational injuries involving days away from work (26.7%). And the cost of work injuries per worker in 2017 was approximately $1,100. The cost per injury requiring medical consultation/attention was $39,000, while cost per fatality was $1,150,000.

How Real Time Risk Solutions Helps


Convert from Paper Based to E-Forms

  • Mobile Apps provide a Mobile First Experience to users in the field
  • Works on any iOS or Android device – even offline
  • Leverage Photos, Voice-to-Text and Digital Signatures to document Accidents, Near-Misses among other customizable templates
  • Mobile Form Creator eliminates paper-based reporting
  • Easily survey teams across individual facilities

Behavior Based Observations

  • Identify Open Risks with Photos, Notes, Party Observed and Severity
  • Assign issues between internal employees and external parties
  • Create custom inspections pulling from a risk library of over 5,000 inspection questions
  • Add your own to questions to digitize your current paper-based inspection process
  • All data tracked using GPS location and date/time stamps

Safety Meetings

  • Hundreds of Topics to choose from
  • Employees acknowledge participation by signing mobile devices in the field
  • Add meeting notes and photos of the group or sign-in sheet
  • Email directly from the device to relevant third parties
  • Instantly produce list of all meeting participants

Cloud Based Filed Cabinet

  • Upload documents from any PC
  • Access documents from any mobile device
  • Corporate Safety Manuals, Safety Data Sheets, Plant Layout and more

Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Create training topics and assign to employees
  • Use Video, PowerPoint, PDF, even Hands-on Training
  • Design and score quizzes to test knowledge
  • Generate certificates of completion
  • Manage company training through analytics, expiration dates and alerts


  • All data rolls up into customized dashboards with 75 existing templates
  • Drill into data by facility or at the employee level to identify trends
  • Create Alerts to track exception reporting and goals, close out open issues and be notified of accidents in Real Time
  • Develop custom dashboards for your organization


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