Ensure that internal policies and procedures are being followed

Leverage mobile solutions to enable complete accountability and transparency

Your policies can now be managed from anywhere

Advanced analytics provide insight into your data

Internal Audits

Intuitive mobile solutions that match your requirements

  • Offline capability enables you to capture data from anywhere
  • Make your policies specific and measurable
  • Analyze trends in real-time for continuous improvement programs

Advanced Reporting

Analyze your internal risk in real-time

  • Customized dashboards for different viewpoints
  • Dill down into your data to spot trends
  • Establish alerts and notifications for exception reporting
  • Report Top 10 Issues in your organization

Mobile Forms

Eliminate your paper based forms

  • Mobile Form Generator makes eliminating your paper based forms simple
  • Tap and talk feature allows you to input data using your voice
  • Digital Signatures provides a way to capture signatures at the point of impact
  • Add photos to any form
  • Drop pins on a map to plot issues on a map throughout the world

Get Started

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