Value Added Risk Platforms to Differentiate Insurance Carriers, Brokers, Captive Managers, Wrap ups and Loss Control Consultants

Provide a best in class risk management program to your clients to help them manage risk while also providing unparalleled real time analytics to decrease losses within your portfolio.

Manage Risk at the Point of Impact

Provide an easy way for your clients to manage risk, the analytics to make informed decisions while providing insight for “continuous underwriting” for real-time course correction

Advanced Analytic Dashboards

  • Roll up analytics across your clients and industry verticals and prioritize your risk factors across your portfolio
  • Unprecedented risk insight measured at the point of impact
  • Drill into data with your clients to create a new collaborative engagement medium
  • Data from your paper based forms are now captured from any mobile device

Branded for your business

  • Leverage the power of a Best in Class risk platform
  • Differentiate your company with your clients- make them “sticky”
  • Implemented in less than a week and surprisingly cost effective

Get Started

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