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Healthcare workers are exposed to risks far beyond simply being exposed to sick people.  There are significant slip and fall risks, repetitive motion injury risks, and injury risks that come from lifting people awkwardly (back injuries are common).

However, there is another significant risk to consider.  According to OSHA, healthcare and social service workers face significant risk of job-related violence.  Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that 27 out of the 100 fatalities in healthcare and social service settings that occurred in 2013 were due to assaults and violent acts.

OSHA and Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that the majority of injuries from assaults at work that required days away from work occurred in the healthcare and social services settings. Between 2011 and 2013, workplace assaults ranged from 23,540 and 25,630 annually, with 70 to 74% occurring in healthcare and social service settings. For healthcare workers, assaults count for 10-11% of workplace injuries involving days away from work, as compared to 3% of injuries of all private sector employees.

How Real Time Risk Solutions Helps

Hospital Audits

  • Choose from over 100 categories (Patient Safety, Adverse Event Management, etc)
  • Customize questions within each category based on facility
  • Analyze risk across the entire portfolio from a single location

Slips Trips and Falls

  • Partner with National Floor Safety Institute to incorporate best practices for the workplace.
  • Ensure compliance with real time analytic engines
  • Alerts and notifications to make managing easy

Advanced Analytic Dashboards

  • Analyze inspection locations on a map by severity
  • Determine the “quality” of the inspections
  • Prioritize issues in real-time across your organization

How Real Time Risk Solutions Helps

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