Manage Hospital and healthcare clinic risk all in one location

Best practice healthcare risk audits for real-time accountability

Best practice audit questions for any sized hospital or healthcare clinic

Our integrated platform allows you to capture your data using mobile devices, stores the data in the cloud and analyzes your data using intelligent dashboards.

Hospital Audits

  • Choose from over 100 categories (Patient Safety, Adverse Event Management, etc)
  • Customize questions within each category based on facility
  • Analyze risk across the entire portfolio from a single location

Slips, Trips and Falls

  • Partner with National Floor Safety Institute to incorporate best practices for the work place
  • Ensure compliance with real time analytic engines
  • Alerts and notifications to make managing easy

Advanced Analytic Dashboards

  • Analyze inspection locations on a map by severity
  • Determine the “quality” of the inspections
  • Prioritize issues in real-time across your organization

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